In today’s globalised world, international business transactions are becoming increasingly common. Whether it’s establishing a business overseas, entering into a contract with a foreign entity, or handling international legal documents, there are many situations where you may need to have your documents notarised. That’s where public notary services come in.

Public notary services are essential for international business transactions. Strand Legal and Conveyancing is an experienced team based in Perth, Western Australia, who can help you navigate the process.

What is a Public Notary?

A public notary is a legal professional authorised to witness and certify documents for use overseas. They are responsible for verifying the authenticity of signatures, stamps, and seals on legal documents and ensuring that they comply with the laws and regulations of the foreign country where they will be used.

The government appoints public notaries, and they are subject to strict rules and regulations. They must maintain accurate records of all documents they notarise and follow ethical standards of conduct.

What is a Public Notary?

Why are Public Notary services essential for overseas business?

When conducting business overseas, it’s essential to have your legal documents legally notarised to ensure they are valid and binding in a foreign country. Here are some of the key reasons why public notary services are essential for international business transactions:

Compliance with foreign laws and regulations

Different countries have different laws and regulations governing legal documents. A public notary is familiar with these laws and ensures your documents comply.

Verification of signatures

Public notaries verify signatures and ensure that they are genuine. Checking is vital for international business transactions where the signatories are not physically present.

Authentication of documents

Sometimes, documents need authentication before being used in a foreign country. A public notary provides this service and ensures that your documents are legal, valid and binding.

Prevention of fraud

Public notaries are experts at detecting and preventing fraud in legal documents. Notarising your documents helps protect yourself and your business from fraudulent activity.

What services do Public Notaries offer?

Public notaries offer various services to help individuals and businesses with international transactions. Here are some of the key services offered by public notaries:

Verification of signatures

Public notaries verify signatures on legal documents, including contracts, affidavits, and powers of attorney.

Certification of copies

Sometimes, you may need to provide certified copies of your documents to a foreign entity. Public notaries can certify copies of your original documents and ensure they comply with foreign laws and regulations.

Authentication of documents

Public notaries can provide authentication services for your legal documents, including obtaining an apostille or legalising your documents for use in a foreign country.

Witnessing of oaths and affirmations:

Public notaries witness oaths and affirmations for individuals needing to provide sworn statements in a foreign country.

How Strand Legal and Conveyancing help with Public Notary services?

Strand Legal and Conveyancing offers various legal services, including public notary. Here’s how they can help with your international business transactions:

Experienced Notaries

Strand Legal and Conveyancing has experienced notaries familiar with many foreign countries’ laws and regulations. They ensure that your documents comply with these laws and regulations and are recognised as valid and binding.

Fast turnaround

Strand Legal and Conveyancing understands that time is of the essence when it comes to international business transactions. They offer a fast turnaround time for notarisation and authentication services, ensuring that your documents are ready for use on time.

Attention to detail

Public notary services require great attention to detail, and Strand Legal and Conveyancing is committed to providing this. They take the time to carefully review your documents and ensure they are correctly notarised and authenticated.

Convenient location

Strand Legal and Conveyancing is located in Perth, making it a convenient choice for businesses and individuals in Western Australia who require public notary services.

“If you have been requested to have a document certified or witnessed by a Notary Public, require your document to be issued with an Apostille or authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, or legalised by consulate or embassy in Australia, we are well placed to assist you,” says Kerry Cable, Strand Legal and Conveyancing Business Manager

In conclusion, public notary services are essential for international business transactions. They ensure that your legal documents comply with foreign laws and regulations, and are recognised as valid and binding. Strand Legal and Conveyancing, a reputable legal firm based in Perth, provides experienced, fast, and detail-oriented public notary services to help you navigate the complex world of international business transactions. Contact them today to learn how they can assist you with your notarisation and authentication needs.

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