Commercial Lawyers Perth and Manjimup

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Commercial Lawyers Perth and Manjimup

Competitive rates | Extensive experience | Clear communication
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Strand’s Commercial Law Services

Are you a small business owner, property buyer or corporation looking for a commercial lawyer to give you the right legal advice? Look no further than Strand Legal’s commercial lawyers in Perth and Manjimup.  Above all else, you’ll get right legal advice and guidance to ensure success for any business deal or property purchase, no matter how large or small.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

With the knowledge to understand business and the experience to advise on a full range of commercial law matters, our commercial lawyer can help with:

  • contract and agreement drafting and review
  • business structuring
  • startups, e-commerce, privacy and IT law
  • business sale and purchase
  • regulatory and compliance
  • confidentiality agreements
  • banking and finance
  • disputes and litigation.

Add to this the skills of our Strand Conveyancing team, and we can also manage any property or business settlements.

Consult with a commercial lawyer with the knowledge to understand and the legal experience to help your business.

Call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

Property Law

Property Law

Our professional legal team look after your rights and protect your interests as well as advising you on property law matters like:

  • Property Leasing – Landlord and tenant
  • public access
  • land subdivision
  • strata development
  • freehold purchases
  • transfer of equity
  • shared equity purchases
  • division of property
  • disputes resolution
  • conveyancing
  • property settlement
  • personal property securities (PPS).

Take the worry out of owning, leasing, developing, buying or selling residential, commercial or rural property.

Talk to us by calling Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

Mining, Energy and Resources Law

Mining, Energy and Resources Law

Operating within the mining, energy and resources sector?

We advise on a range of resources and energy, including but not limited to:

  • finance
  • acquisitions and disposals
  • project development and delivery strategies
  • procurement
  • regulation and operations
  • due diligence and regulatory approvals
  • negotiation and documentation of agreements.

Optimise your business and achieve exceptional outcomes by consulting with the best commercial lawyer by phoning Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324


Farming and Agricultural (Agribusiness) Law

Need to diversify, expand or amalgamate but not sure of your rights?

That’s why we offer agricultural legal advice relating to:

  • selling and buying agricultural and rural properties
  • agricultural tenancies
  • farm business restructuring
  • land access
  • planning and land development
  • commercial contracts and food industry regulations
  • covenants and easements affecting land
  • Wills, trusts, and administration of rural estates
  • inheritance advice and succession planning.

When agribusiness is your livelihood, talk to our team who can help grow your business. Besides giving the best advice, we’re jargon-free and down-to-earth.

Call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Your brand is your livelihood and cash flow. But is it trademarked?

Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your business. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to protect your trademark, avoid disputes, and prevent competitors from infringing your rights.

Importantly, our lawyers cover IP matters including, but not limited to:

  • trademark registration
  • IP (intellectual property) registration
  • licences
  • disputes

Talk to the law team who can help protect you now and in the future.

Call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

Consult Perth and Manjimup’s most trusted commercial lawyers

Call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

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Looking for family business law advice?

Considering expanding or succession planning?

Combining family and business is a delicate balancing act. We help you manage the complexities of mixing your personal, family and professional interests so that all prosper.

Contact our friendly team today in Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

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Looking for family business law advice
Property investor or developer

Property investor or developer?

Need a licenced conveyancer and settlement team you can trust?

Get superior legal knowledge, thorough investigations, and reliable encumbrance and title searches, along with the full rundown on land tax implications, GST, zoning and much more.

When it comes to property settlement, you can count on our commercial conveyancing and due diligence expertise. Why not call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324 and talk to us first?

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Do you have a Will?

If no, did you realise that the law decides who gets your assets? And this may not be whom you want.

Talking about death isn’t on anyone’s list of fun topics; we understand that.

But if you want to control your asset distribution and ensure the loved ones you nominated are cared for, having a Will and estate plan are vital.

Talk to our friendly legal team about drafting your Will and Estate Plan. Simply call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

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Do you have a Will
Public Notary

How can a public notary help me?

Whenever you wish to use a document overseas you may need to engage a Notary Public to witness or certify your documents.
A Notary’s primary role is to notarise documents so that they are legally valid and recognised in overseas countries. This includes but is not limited to:

  • certifying copies and execution of legal and business documents
  • witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations and other documents
  • administering oaths.

Make the right decision

At Strand Legal and Conveyancing, we give you peace of mind you’re making the right legal decision every step of the way.

Backed by years of experience and exceptional service, our no-jargon, down-to-earth law team is ready to help you get the best results.

Call Perth (08) 9381 0500 or Manjimup (08) 9777 2324

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